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Cardiologist in Frisco

Cardiologist in Frisco – We at Heart And Vascular Care Center have achieved an eminent place in the field of cardiology. Dr. Singh at Heart And Vascular Care Center is considered as one of the astute cardiologists in Frisco. Moreover, Dr. Singh is highly praised by his patients for intelligence at diagnosing rare conditions. They highly recommend him for cardiology treatment in Frisco.

Today, Heart And Vascular Care Center has extended its strength into excellently managed clinics in the department of cardiology consultation, heart disease, prevention & management and more under the excellent guidance of Dr. Singh. Furthermore, being the best cardiologist, Dr. Singh brings the most effective ways to treat heart diseases. You can meet him at any suitable time you want. Or if you cannot manage to meet him in person when you call him at 972-612-0388 or email at Thus, we ensure to serve the best heart care services and treatment in a place like Frisco for better heart care.


Frisco is a beautiful city in Collin and Denton counties in Texas. It is the fastest-growing city among all cities of the United States. Similarly, the total no. of the population of this city was 116,989 at the 2010 census which is now in 2019 is estimated to be around 186,087. Apparently, this city holds excellent facilities that are essential for a happy living like transportation, education, a big market, and healthcare facilities, etc.


If we mainly talk about healthcare facilities in Frisco then we will see the no. of big hospitals established here with advanced technologies and types of machinery to diagnose and treat even rare conditions of a body. Dr. Singh who is the cardiologist in Frisco is also putting his complete efforts to treat people of the area with the best treatment methods. Not just by the economy, people of Frisco are fortunate by also having excellent healthcare facilities and Specialists to run those facilities.


A cardiologist is specialized in diagnosing, preventing, and treating the diseases of the heart system but the work of a cardiologist is quite different than a cardiac surgeon. A cardiac surgeon performs heart surgery by opening the chest. Also, he mainly does the diagnostics of chest pain/Angina, heart attack, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, aortic stenosis, mitral regurgitation, syncope.


Heart And Vascular Care Center in Frisco is well equipped with all diagnostic facilities that are required to diagnose heart diseases. Also, we are capable of providing advanced NON INVASIVE treatment to Coronary artery blockages/ stent blocks/ grafts blocked patients. Moreover, we have licensed medical doctors who have immense experience in the field of cardiology. Consequently, all the professional work performed by them acknowledged by Dr. Singh best cardiology in Frisco.


To those who have problems related to heart, we have good news for them. We have come up with the best diagnostic facilities and expert team of doctors who are best at treating and diagnosing heart diseases. Dr. Singh who is the head of this clinic has experience of more than a decade in this particular field. Moreover, he is board-certified in heart care medicine, interventional cardiology, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and vascular ultrasound. As well as, he is a humble human being and one of the smartest cardiologists in Frisco.

You strongly believe to serve the best care services. Also, our team here shows very concern towards the health and basic needs of patients. Thus, we give our best to provide patients a friendly and supportive environment.

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